I make paintings that are psychologically driven. What I am concerned with most is the intersection between private worlds, popular culture and history. It is an area of revelation and concealment.


I am interested in depicting a world where the personal and the historical convene. A place where the allegory is twisted into a marvelous, schizophrenic landscape bearing characters who play the role as discoverers and explorers. These characters act in a cerebral play. They become personas casted within an epic or endless recital. They turn inwards on themselves and escape into utopic and apocalyptic settings.


I am fascinated with building formal codes and narrative structures. It is as though I am replaying a sort of personal history or retelling events that have been somehow hidden. However, this architecture is formed only to be torn down. Any sense of linearity becomes a fragmentation where dialectical polarity no longer exists.


text by Gaetano Ruvio



Boy With Rifle 2005